August 18, 2014

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August 5, 2013

My Best and Favorite Photography of 2013

Unique coloring, and smoke.

School in Haiti! At Mission of Hope. Multiple classrooms in one room, each one really loud, and its actually really cool. The kids are super engaged because its very active speech-wise and its beautiful!

Ferris wheel in Daytona Beach, FL.

"Pulling on Heart String"
My favorite little boy in the world. Entoine hanging on a rail in his orphanage in Jeremie, Haiti. 

My first time shooting a wedding. Details.

My first day living in Savannah, GA. Love how beautiful this giant church is.

Sunset in Haiti. Boys playing soccer!

Newly wed.

Newly wed.

Dramatic fall.

The beautiful bride.

Sheldon has the most gorgeous eyes.

This was for a photo reference for my illustration friend, Logan. Turned out being pretty cool shots.

The Wheedler


Hanging out with the goats. In Jeremie, Haiti.

Under the bridge.


This boy was just squatting on the ground in the middle of the busy market. He didn't care, and he was watching my camera, so I squatted to his level, and snapped this. He was wearing one massive t-shirt that had many large holes in it. Take in Jeremie, Haiti.

Michael and Entoine. Poweful faces in beautiful places.

This precious little girl--taken at the local market in Jeremie, Haiti. Beautiful.

Meredith. Beautiful senior portraits.

You can see in this woman's expression her emotions and her character. She is beautiful. Taken in Jeremie, Haiti.

This little girl hanging out on the wall. Taken in Jeremie, Haiti.

This year we raised 300 pairs of shoes to take to Haiti. During the 3rd hour of individually giving the children shoes, it was my oh-so-special little Entoine's turn, and I grabbed him once I put his shoes on to go out to the step around the wall. It is the same place I took the image to the left. Its meant to be a before and after image, because for now, he has shoes.

Snake and sun. Take on my senior trip in FL.


 The power character--Justin Coan.

Chapel Hill, NC. During the snow.

 Frisbee on the Florida beach.


Goat and Boat

July 15, 2012

My Best Photography of 2012

Veiled in Blue.

Child in the waterpark and sunset.

Love notes.

One of my new favorites. Love the coloring and flow.


Puerto Rico...felt so risky taking my camera out this far!


This is children in Haiti's recreation. Boats and sticks, it was pretty cool. I took this at the local market they have every Wednesday, it was incredible.

This image interests me because the colors are attractively warm, the composition and angle are confusing, and the focus is on the foot. Which so happens to be in the direct middle. This currently has the top 10% of the month in Fine Arts on Pixoto and got 1st place in photography at the Art Festival for my school this year.

Construction in Haiti. The wives were sitting on the side watching, because they were proud their husbands had work today, building a high school.

Entoine's feet in Haiti.

Singin' in the Rain, I love the abstraction here.

I edited this picture foreverrr. I do not use Photoshop, but I managed to do this with just free editing software. The idea I am aiming at here is how you look at someone and judge them, but really they are just like you--so judge yourself too, because you are just as imperfect as them.

Traveling to the local market; it is amazing how much they can simply hold on their heads  for walking for so long. Taken in Jeremie, Haiti 2012

The faded blue is pretty interesting, and her pose is so elegant.

This picture is special to me--its one of the first pictures I took in Haiti, we hadn't even left the bus yet from the helicopter. I like the colors, the boys face and positioning, and of course his belly.

Dancing. The three girls along with the sepia adds an interesting look.

Chattanooga. Clear bridge and bright moon.

This perspective is so odd! Like it.

Beautiful clock. Love the antique feel. Taken in the snow at Chapel Hill, NC.

I like the expression on her family hidden behind the tutu. Black Swan?



Portrait of my sister.



Love this. So antique with a lovely face.

Unique pool in Puerto Rico. 


Reflective. What is up, and what is down??

River, flowers, beautiful little miss Underwood.

Downtown Charlotte at night.

Boys at the local market on Wednesdays.

Chattanooga water-play. 

The dancer.

Wes Adams.

I love this picture. Between the eye level reflections and the colors, it all adds up to be pretty cool.

Orphanage in Jeremie, Haiti.

Love the abstraction here.

Little Haiti girl throwing rocks in the ocean. Jeremie, Haiti 2012

Beauty and the Beast

This picture is such a story. I took this in Jeremie, Haiti. This boy is trying to get back on his raft, and this guy drops the child's clogs and pushes him off by his forehead. I find this to be such a story because whenever someone sees this picture they think it looks sweet, but in fact its not, because this man took this little boy's raft and then pushed him off by his face. 

Nicole Roberts, beauty.

The Carnival that is related to Mardi Gras in Jeremie, Haiti. They surrounded our bus with their singing and dancing, it was so exotic and amazing. [And also scary when one of the guys pointed a dagger a foot away from my face when I went to take a picture of him. Ahh.]

Fireworks 2012. 

Candlewick girl.
I call it that because she is jumping and her head and body are on the ground, but my camera caught her hair separately in the air, making her look like a candle. I put it in black and white for more confusion and insight. Hehe.

Family in Haiti. This photograph is in the book "Great Travel Photography." Check it out.

I especially love this one because of the water-color look. She's right under the surface and the red and oranges are perfect with the dark background.

Reflective. I added some purple to the water to give it that, confusing edge.

Daytime silhouette.

I love the bricks in the photo, and Emily's hair.

Mulan Jr.

Fall time.

Two images overlayed, with so much bright color!

Graphic Design class project shoot of self portraits. The shoot was under the impression of the title, "The Beast", and I eventually went crazy with it. But I like it. Interpret it as you wish.

Pelican at Kure Beach.

San Juan Fortress, Ryan Osbourn

The yellows and greens are splendid.

I love the double-look that my aperature captured here. This was not photoshopped, pretty cool.

I love the chances of getting her hair like this. The pattern and flight is so unique :D

Green and Orange.

"To the Rescue"
A brother jumping in the river and swimming across, to break up a fist-fight between his little brothers. Taken in Jeremie, Haiti.


Jennica. One of the local children in Haiti.